For this university assignment I worked in a group of four to produce a Kickstarter video and poster to pitch an idea for a game, product or app. We chose to work on an app that allows users to design and order their own custom skateboard.
The first task I has was creating a logo. I came up with a few ideas and tried to include elements of skateboards. After showing these to my team, we decided to use the second one.
In order to show a design being applied to a skateboard in the video, we decided on making a 3D model of it. I used 3ds Max to make it.
After I created the model, I took it into Substance Painter so it could be textured. This final render was then used in the final video to show what the custom skateboard would look like before it is ordered.
My next task was to show the custom design being painted onto the board. I wanted a quick way to show how users can use brushes, stickers and fonts to customise their board.
I also created and animated the app interface using Adobe XD. This part is used in the video walkthrough of how to use the app.
The assignment also asked for a poster that showed our concept. My idea was to summarise the process of using the app to make your own skateboard.
Throughout the project I also worked on filming and editing the audio.
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